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Nuka Honey Co. was founded by Milly Flavell with a simple ethos: to create age-defying, detoxifying and dewy skincare infused with luxury Manuka ‘the champagne of honey’ whilst being an ethical, cruelty-free and eco-conscious brand.

Milly spent five years of her childhood living in Wanaka, New Zealand - a place of natural beauty with snowy mountains and alpine lakes. The native bees loved the Manuka trees that grew on Milly’s parents’ land, which led to her discovering Manuka Honey in 2006. It was magic for her skin and she became obsessed with its natural benefits. 

By 2020, Milly was living in London as a qualified lawyer and had also gained experience as a Marketing Manager in the beauty and skincare industry. She enjoyed the creative energy of the city and was inspired by its lavish lifestyle. She decided to combine her love for skincare and Manuka to share with the world. ‘And just like that’ the Nuka Skin developing process began.

Skin by Nuka Honey Co. launched in April 2022. We are so proud to be starting this journey with products that are Made in England with 98% natural ingredients.

This is just the beginning. 

With love, 

Milly + The Nuka Skin Team  

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